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Protein Refolding Services
Recombinant proteins occasionally become insoluble due to misfolding during the processes of purification. These proteins need to be refolded to its native conformation to be functionally active because study on structural and functional proteomics requires extremely pure and correct form of protein. Unfortunately, defining conditions for refolding of the target protein into its native conformation are empirical and difficult.
Advanced Proteins Technology provides a solution to this problem.
It has the unique patented technology of protein refolding for industrial and laboratory processes. Our refolding technology is a simple procedure in BioNature refolding kit, resulting in final product in natural form of protein.
Services also helps customers in identifying additional optimal refolding conditions by a systematic evaluation of different buffers covering a range of pH and different salt, cyclodextrin, redox agent, and refolding additive concentrations. The method of optimized refolding for your protein is documented and delivered to you for further needs.
Advanced Protein Technology Inc.offers protein refolding services and protein refolding kit. The services include but not limit to:


  • Refolding Services
  • rScAb Production
  • Periplasmic Protein Expression
  • Custom Cleavaged Protein

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