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Advanced Protein Technology Inc. offers an extensive product line of functional recombinant proteins (growth factors, cytokines, chemokines) and customer recombinant protein services. These products are useful for a variety of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical applications. It has a proprietary technology platform and an experienced management team specializing in biological product development, quality control, and commercialization. In particular it focuses in production of high quality recombinant proteins and difficult-to-express proteins. Our goal is to provide clients with biologically active form of high quality proteins for research applications.

BioNature is a brand name for Advanced Protein Technology Inc. products of recombinant growth factors, at its QC standards of natural form, highest purity, active and clinical level of Endotoxin.

BioNature growth factors for stem cells are ideal components for the defined medium and culture method developments for hESC-based, hMSC-based, HSC/HPC-based cell and tissue therapy.

BioNature growth factors are tools to transfer your idea of stem cell-based therapies from the “Bench To The Bedside” where fundamental biological and engineering challenges of controlling proliferation/differentiation and self-renewal of stem cells, directing the lineage/tissue stem cell differentiation can be overcame.


  • Refolding Services
  • rScAb Production
  • Periplasmic Protein Expression
  • Custom Cleavaged Protein

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